Twitter's Bias Bounty

Accountability Case Labs Workshop (Co-host)

By Borhane Blili-Hamelin in workshop

January 26, 2022


A workshop from Accountability Case Labs based on a case study about Twitter's 2021 Bias Bounty


January 26, 2022


11:00 AM – 1:00 PM





Co-facilitated with Gina Helfrich.

Featuring guest speakers Irene Font Peradejordi and Kyra Yee from Twitter.

Accountability Case Labs’ first case study based workshop.

Our case study was Twitter’s 2021 Bias Bounty program. ACL’s community has been deeply interested in emergent approaches to involving external stakeholders in algorithmic governance. We felt that Twitter’s 2021 Bias Bounty would invite helpful, thought-provoking exploration of this question.

We used Timelines, an activity designed by Richmond Y. Wong and Tonya Nguyen, to invite participants to explore these questions through the level playing field of a world building activity.

We concluded by inviting participants to reflect on shared insights.

Team work

This workshop was a highly collaborative effort.

We pre-tested the case study with 14 members of our community in Accountability Case Labs’ December 2 2021 meetup.

This was supported by the research of ACL’s case studies team over the course of November: including Sophia Katrenko, Shea Brown, Ranjit Singh, Kyle Smith, Jillian Powers, Jacqui Ayling, Debra Erickson, and myself.

Over the course of 6 meetings through December and January, ACL’s design team came up with our activities, and came up with a crisp, polished plan for every single part of our event: including Vanja Skoric, Tina Lassiter, Shlomi Hod, Mrin Bhattacharya, Kyle Smith, Jillian Powers, Gina Helfrich, and myself.

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January 26, 2022
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